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Hello to all of you,

My name is Eric, I am 47 years old, I am living on the other side of our planet earth in Belgium, that's in Europe of course and we're well known for beers and chocolate. I am kind of busy man with two different professional activities, I consider myself as a very strange person having interest in hobbies not having anything to do with my everyday job.  

I am working at the TIHANGE nuclear power plant as a chief operator and engineer - very serious guy here !

I am married to Sylviane and we have a 12 years old daughter named Calista, … oh yes exactly like the well known actress.

I am also a pro musician for years, I am working in recording studios, for TV shows and on stages with some of my own musical projects. I am playing bass for 36 years now, I got some great instruments over the years, FENDER Jazz and Precision, LAKLAND, MUSICMAN, etc. I'm still an old punk wearing Dr Martens boot everyday but unfornately I have no dog like many punks of the late '70s - I lived in London for a while that is why I am taking english and I really love that way of living. I never been to Australia unfortunately.

I am into photography as well with NIKON DSLR's, I had NIKON equipment since the 90's. I also own an extra class amateur radio since 1995 with CW, my callsign is ON6CV, you can search the QRZ database for any reference if some of you have interest in hamradio.

I am loving hot hatches cars as well as true sports car, I am driving daily a Red Bull Racing RB7 #129 RENAULT SPORT car, I owned several (3) SUBARU Impreza STI, a number of VW GOLF GTI’s and a DODGE Caliber SRT4.
In april I will receive my new RENAULT SPORT CLIO RS 200 EDC, I ordered it in "jaune sirius" (liquid yellow), cup package, red brakes, black 18" wheels, R-Link + RS Monitor 2.0.

I really love firearms too, as an engineer I worked for civil and military airplanes companies, I worked for a US company based in Irvine CA. White Road, SHUR-LOK CORP.

As english IS NOT my native language may I ask you to be fair with me please. I really learned a lot working for US companies and amateur radio helps me over the years to develop some skills.
A very strange thing also is that I really love firearms, I love to collect them, I own a number of handguns, semi auto pistols, revolver (nice Smith & Wesson collection and Dirty Harry revolvers), some long guns too from CZ, Marlin and Winchester, I am shooting clays every week using a number of 12 gauge shotguns from Browning, Guerini and Perazzi.
Many thanks and best regards to all.

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Hello, frankly I have to decide about that... Want to keep both, but we have 2 other Clio's at home, an old 2005 Clio II 1.2 16V Community and my lovely girl is waiting for a new Clio 4 Grandtour (Estate if I am not wrong for you). So we have to choose which one to sell and one to keep. I think I will "drop" the RB7 in april. Of course we can't 4 Clio's for us 2 ! :)


Regards, Eric. 

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