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Renault Track Day at Mallala - South Australia


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Hi All

I am new to the forum.


I have had my RS 265 since March 2012 - I was giving serious consideration to selling it as I had only done 7,000km since buying it, I have Lexus IS 300 as city car and a Jeep to tow the trailer for my karts (sprint and super).


I was invited to attend the track day at Mallala which included Advance Driver session in the morning by Damien Rafferty from Main North Renault (MNR).


WOW - you will have to pry my dead cold fingers off the RS 265 before I sell it - What a car. 170 -190 kpm down the back straight - could have been faster - had look for the braking point - not sure what the top speed was - never got to 5th gear.


Hint: leave the ESC on in sport mode - big off on the right kink after the start / finish line - may have video - bloody Gopro battery life is too short. I felt very safe whilst fishtailing and finally spinning out - great stability.


Fantastic day had by all - Those Clio's really fly around the track - Pity the Z370 and Skyline boys didn't turn up.


This lead me to my question:

Does anyone use data loggers / GPS systems - if so which one. I use AIM - MyChron 4 for the karts.


Looking forward to more track days at Mallala and hill climbs in 2015

All I need is racing tyres and brakes




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G'day mate, glad to hear you enjoyed your RS! I've done a few laps of Mallala but not in my RS - what kind of lap times did you get?

As far as hill climbs go, I'm planning on doing the Mt Alma one again next year, it's usual around April. I had a crack this year in my R26 (since sold) and it's a great event. It'd be good to see another RS there!

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Welcome Evan!


There's some info in this thread about laptimers and video sync: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=28367


I did come across this the other day: http://www.plex-tuning.com/products/plex-sdm-500

Although 1,400 euro is too much for me as all I'm doing is fun track days as opposed to winning sheep stations.


I will be playing around with my RS Tuner data logging features at the next track day however.

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Hi Evan. Great day wasn't it? Have to say it was a well ran event. I had the liquid yellow RS 265. Your spin certainly got everyone talking. Not sure if you are looking for something advanced or low cost but a friend put me on to an iPhone app yesterday, so I didn't get to use on Wednesday. I haven't really looked into it but there is a free version to try out first. It is called TrackAddict (all one word). From what I can gather it uses GPS to track your run and start the stop watch for each lap, record speed and you can video tap your run. Maybe some other guys on here have used this in the past and can advise.

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