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First foray into French Car ownership (Clio RS 200)


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Hi all,


I'm from Adelaide and tomorrow I'll be picking up a new RS200 Cup Trophy (or Cup Premium depending on who you ask).

I've owned a few cars in my time, ranging from a couple of rusty Italians (Alfa 75 and Alfa 33) to a trusty old Korean (Hyundai Elantra) and most recently a 1995 R33 GTS-T.


Although it's been a hard couple of weeks with issues having the car released from the Brighton dealership for transport to the Main North Nissan dealership, I'm looking forward to driving out with a pretty massive grin tomorrow afternoon!!

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Welcome. What colour did you go for? I imagine it may have some subtle differences to the R33 but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.



I've only seen one other RS200 driving on the roads, that was a LY as well, but it wasn't the Trophy/Premium variant.


I was tossing up between the yellow and the black, the black is probably more livable day in day out. But having already owned a black car, it's a pain to keep clean.

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Does anyone know why Renault has changed the model variants from Trophy to Premium? When I went in to get my 1,000km 'service' done, I noticed they were advertising variants as Premiums. The dealership insists mine is a Trophy but they could not tell me the difference between a Trophy and a Premium. Could it have anything to do with the model year? And hence my next question is, does anyone know when the Clio model year changes over?


That grin - is a great grin! :)



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When I was going through the motions at the dealership before I bought the car (early September), all of their documentation still had the Sport, Cup, Sport Trophy and Cup Trophy on there. The Renault website however shifted over to the Premium names around the same time that the Monaco LE was made available on the website.


On another note, even when I was looking around for insurance, some providers had only the old non-Trophy/Trophy variants to select from, while others had those variants as well as the Premiums. I messed around with them and the prices came out the same with the Trophy and the Premiums.


My guess is that its just a streamlining of the naming conventions, same as they did with the Megane Cup and Megane Cup Premium.


Through and through, I'm 99% sure that they're the same car.

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I would back UnoriginalName with that, because going through the specs list it appears unchanged for the premium/trophy


There's another thread about how stupidly confusing the Megane variants became ... simplicity is very welcome, and streamlining the nomenclature just makes sense


However the standard variants have a couple of extras the last lot didn't:

- hands free entry and start

- rain sensing wipers


And both have ESM - energy smart management, which I didn't think was on the last lot; the last ones had stop/start but they now have brake energy recovery as well. I may have missed this when shopping but I think it's new

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It would be a marketing ploy to sell the upgrade to soccer mums and GTi drivers who probably think Trophee sounds too hard core sporty, whereas they will all want to tell their friends in the hair dressers that they got the "premium" pack.....


Oh and welcome !!

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