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Megane RS


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Hi all,


I learnt to drive on my families Renault Virage wagon, even got a chance to drive it around Sandown. Since then I have owned mostly European cars and currently on my 3rd SAAB hence my name.


I had the chance to drive standard Meganes through a family member, then a Clio RS just recently which blew my mind once I found the RS button. I arranged a test drive of a Trophy 275 but the sucker was sold just before I arrived, so I drove a 265 instead and was super impressed. Unfortunately as I only recently changed jobs I can't really buy a new car until early next year, so I am hoping the current 265 Cup models get uplifted to 275 in time. Cup because I don't think my good wife will like the Recaros much.

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Hi wasaabi, either way, go for it!

The main thing is that it sounds like you'll be in the market for the lot that have the 5yr warranty, so take your time trolling through car sales and when you do inf a bargain, snap it up - one that's a year old by that time will be cheaper and still have tons of warranty left

As far as I see it either cup or premium is fine. They both kick a***

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