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New RB8


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Hi All. I have spent 3 weeks driving around in our new RB8 which is a daily driver for my wife (running it in for her) and i can say coming from aussie muscle car background and AWD performance japanese rockets.

That i LIKEEEEEEE it allot its a very fun sexy looking car that is suited to any style of driving.

The only concern i have is reliability as iam not sure that renault can much that of the Japanese brands.

We have had a on going issue already with our rear parking sensors going off only when the weather is wet, but the good thing is you can switch them off and wait for the rain to stop.Hahhhh!!!

I will be tacking it to renault to be rectified its not something that really bothers me at this point.


I Hope all RB8 owners are enjoying their cars.


Many Thanks


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Another RB8 owner here Matrix. Welcome. Pop up your location and build number and I'll add you to the register. So far we are at around 25 registered owners of RB8's on OZRS

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