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Clio 200T White Cup Trophee


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Hey Guys,


I'm not new on this forum and I still got my flame red 172 that I've had for about 5 years now. I just picked up a new White Cup Trophee this week. Will share photos soon.





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Congratulations on the purchase! Is there any pro's/con's on the 200T compared to the 172 that you've noticed yet?



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Hey RS 200 EDC,


In my opinion, it would be difficult to compare as they are two very different cars. As for comfort, the EDC is certainly more comfortable and the interior cabin is far superior than the one in the 172. It's obviously faster and more powerful as everyone is aware and there is more room inside.


The 172 requires a lot more driver involvement to push it to its potential and there's no feeling like revving that 2L engine to 7,500 RPM. The manual transmission is definitely more popular with the guys around here from what i have been reading but it's too early for me to make my mind on that as i have only driven the new car twice.


I chose to keep the 172 because i truly enjoy driving that car.

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