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New 265 Trophy+ Owner


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Hi all,


Well, I say I'm an owner but technically not until Saturday morning when I go to pick up the vehicle - excited would be an understatement!!


They had one new Trophy+ in white left, and after doing my research on the RS265, it was a no brainer. Dealer has thrown in 35% tints all round too, which should look pretty sweet.


Looking forward to learning and installing some mods!

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Welcome to the forum, congrats and great choice of a car. You'll enjoy every minute in (and staring at) it.


Just a note on window tinting. If you want an even tint look on all the windows, then privacy glass on the back quarters is darkest, back windshield is slightly lighter and the fronts untinted. I had 35% VLT done on the fronts, and 55% done on the back and rear quarters. The photo of my car in my garage is when I picked it up from getting tinted and Opti-Coated and you can see how close the tint colour is between the side and rear quarter windows.


It won't get them all even - you'll notice the difference when you look through the window, but standing back, you would hardly notice the difference, let alone when driving in traffic.


Enjoy the car!

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Thanks guys! Picked the car up on Saturday morning and it's an absolute beast. It looks amazing and some serious power under the bonnet. Very happy with the purchase!


I'm looking into getting the paintwork protected but I'm not sure how highly people rate opticoat or how it would change the appearance of the car... I'll need to do some research in this department as it's uncharted waters for me.


The sound system could definitely do with a bit of investment too, it can't seem to handle bass very well.


Thanks for the heads up with the tints rivmeister - the dealer did them for me and they seem to have done a good job. The back windows are a tad darker but I'm not too bothered with it. The fronts are nice and dark considering it's only 35%

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Good to hear.


There's a whole thread dedicated to paint protection:




I went down the route of Opti-Coat which I had done professionally by the same company that did the tinting. Plenty of info on the net and in the forum but basically I don't need to wax the car after every wash as the coating will provide that protection for pretty much the life of the car.

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