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  1. Yeah I showed my partner the black one but she really wasn’t to keen on the k’s as she does around 30-40xxxx a year and didn’t want a car with 200+K’s by next year, I’ll look into the white one though!
  2. Oh good to know! Yeah it’ll just be the partners daily and I know for sure I’ll probably end up driving it a lot as they look like a tonne of fun. what is a PPI btw??
  3. Awesome thanks Aidan, I’ve been having a look around and there’s close to nothing in Qld for sale, have you got links to those for sale? thanks again
  4. Hey guys, looking at getting this Clio Rs MK4 tomorrow, it’s a 2013, only 44xxx on the clock, full log book, owned by an elder person. In immaculate condition, looks brand new. They’re chasing 17k for it. I understand in this current market everyone is throwing a higher number on their cars, I’m just trying to figure out what would be a decent price on something of that description? My budget was only $15,500 I’m eager to join the Clio world! Thanks Kindly!
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