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  1. Thanks for this, I'll investigate it as well. It hasn't been claimed or assessed, and the on track nature of the incident is explicitly excluded in my coverage.
  2. Thank you! Yes, if I can break it down it looks like the beet return. I am booked in tomorrow for follow up check on my shoulder & neck too - not planning on ignoring it. 😀 Yeah my thoughts too, but probably a few years early for people looking for a replacement engine or gearbox. thanks for you support!
  3. Yeah it was Saturday. I'd love to explain it, however still a lot of unknowns. It was at the Kink, approached at the same speed I had in previous laps. I got a little of the bumpiness, the rear shifted right, and I wasn't able to catch it. Retracing the corner to see tyre marks, and the rear right locked / skidded long before the others, and dragged through most of the apex, before the rest gripped up and by then it was too late. Some say could have been a tyre, but it seems mostly intact. Also hypothesised that the bump unsettled the RWS and it stepped out. But chances are ill never really k
  4. Yeah, Its an option - and certainly a great way to meet much of the community. How did you do it? List it up on a forum?
  5. Yeah! That was mine! First and foremost, it did an incredible job of protecting me - and whilst its a mess of bodywork now, Im not unaware of the reason for that... and that was to protect me
  6. It does... Thanks for the feedback. I don't owe any money in it, so its out and out mine - just looking to make the best of the situation
  7. Hi All, First time poster - I managed to place my '19 RS280 into the wall at Lakeside on the weekend... None too gently either. At this point it's never going drive again - the body has done a fantastic job of ensuring I walked away with little more than a sore neck. Been doing the wrecking circuit today, as its a low volume car finding it very challenging to generate any value from it. Was wondering if anyone had any experiences or advice on moving what remains of my poor Megane on? The body is a mess, but the engine bay didn't take the hit, and remains straight - and the en
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