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  1. 98 is fine with me as that's what I was planning yesterday. Will just ignore those stickers. Yeah had a read of that this morning, but interesting the dealer didn't mention any of that when I asked him on Friday.
  2. Picked my car up yesterday and have been having a bit of fun. Surprised there is no run in, but had a fair drive back from the dealer so it got a good run. Question about fuel. The dealer mentioned only putting 98 in it but the filler cap says both 95 and 98. From what I can tell the manual says to fill based on the cap. What are others doing?
  3. That's probably what I'll end up doing.
  4. Providing there are no surprises, should be picking mine up next week. Reckon I'll be ditching the wheels pretty quickly for something better suited to the Tonic Orange paint job. The standard wheels with red stripes look a bit weird.
  5. From what I can tell there are a few interior upgrades too, but nothing major. I was also looking at a cup last year when they had the run out sale, but didn't end up pulling the trigger and wish I had now given what is going on in the car market I enjoyed it more than any other car I test drove at the time but something else came up and my want for a new car was put on the back burner. I'll know I'll take the depreciation hit on new vs SH but there is also something about purchasing a new car that always draws me in. That's about it really but it doesn't bother me in the
  6. Hi All, I'm looking to buy a new car and I'm leaning towards a new RS Megane, which I can get in a base model in my preferred colour. Would have liked it with the performance pack, but it's unlikely to be tracked andI think the normal seats would be better as a daily. I can always replace the rims if they really bug me when I get rid of the Bridgestone tyres for something better. I have a couple of questions I hope this community can help me with. Given the move to an agency model, is buying a new Renault a good idea or would a second hand model be the better option? I really like
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