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  1. I am going to have a look. When I first got it I replaced all the rota's the rears had no rings so I assumed it had no ABS for what ever reason. My guess put them on because that's what they had or they ordered the wrong part etc and did what ever they need to to get rid of the error. Anyone got a hint on how you would disable the ABS? Thanks
  2. I just had a quick look its hard to see I can see what looks like lines I think but I would need to look in day light .
  3. I have had the car in bits it has no ABS rings on the rears unless some put the wrong ones on. When I replaced them I remove them as there was none on it. I also don't get any errors from the car.
  4. I brought it from a guy in NSW and had it trucked down to Vic. I basically brought it site unseen. I thought at the time I needed a project.
  5. I was looking through the service books the other day. The first owner changed them in 2012 I have know idea why maybe just liked the look of them.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me its a July 2002. It was very well looked after by its first owner The guy I brought it from almost sent it to the junk yard in the 6 months he had it. He just drove it into the ground. In that 6 months he put 26k on it and I don't think he spent a cent on it.
  7. Thought it was about time I join the forum . I have a 2002 172 . Its been with me for the past 6 years its been a great little car it been unregistered for the past 4 year and has been in my shed. So its time to put her back on the road. One thing I need to ask. This car I believe is a bit odd. It has no ABS or ESP which I believe most Phase 2 do. Due to this it also runs the speedo from the gearbox like a phase 1 not off the ABS as a phase 2 does. Has anyone seen this or has a car similar ?
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