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  1. Haha yeah me to man, hopefully someone else might find something useful in here anyway 😀. Its just really hard to decide when I cant test drive the car or see it in person. Im really in-between the Focus ST 2014 now and the Megane RS 265. Ive been reading reviews and watching videos non stop trying to decide between the 2 and everytime I think I know I change my mind 😭. See, there is a really nice Focus ST for sale thats prestine with only 60000ks and its white and its in my price range $21500 (the colour I want , but Interstate of course) but I have no idea now it drives. The reviewers
  2. Do any of them own a vxr 2014 by anychance? I was originally interested in one of these (a blue one with 40000 ks) but the owner wants like 25k (its been available for like 5 months) and I know parts are expensive for those. Don't know how they compare to the Megane (parts, cost wise) though.
  3. Here is one that just popped up thats 5 mins from my house, but its a repairable writeoff as I just called him 😭. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-renault-megane-r-s-265-cup-manual/SSE-AD-7395812/?Cr=1
  4. Wow, thats a nice one. I noticed the UK gets way more turbo cars then we do. They get a lot of the Astra VXR's Scirocco R's, Golf GTI and R's and probably heaps more Meganes then we do, so their prices are heaps cheaper. I was also looking at Scirocco R to,but they are overpriced for what they are
  5. What do you think its worth? He is using the reasoning because this is a limited edition, but all the RS models are limited editions over here anyway lol
  6. I cant go see the car in person, even though he is in qld he is still 4-5 hrs drive from where I live and if it was a good price, I was just going to settle it and fly up (which costs $160 one way as I checked). He said he just moved from Brisbane 3 weeks a go which sucks. But I have called him and talked to him on the phone when he told me he won't go below 24k and if he doesnt get that price in the next couple of weeks he will take the $24500 price he has been offered from a dealer. To me that price seemed unlikely also, he said the car also needed 2 front tyres and rego is due in Novem
  7. So what do you think the redbull megane is worth in that link I posted? The guy said he has been offered $24500 already from a car dealer and if he doesnt get a better offer he will sell it to them. I said I might be able to go to 24k and he was really struggling with that much. And i have already seen this one, thanks anyway
  8. Its weird hey. I sold my Mazda 3 mps 2010 luxury with 88000ks in immaculate condition for $17500 3 months ago and could have easily got over $20k. But I sold it for what I thought was fair and went down from the already listed price of $18500. I just wish others would do the same for me haha. The guy that is selling this is retiring and seems like a nice guy on the phone but is comparing the price of his to other redbull models, but if they dont sell for those listed prices, it means they are to high. This model im looking at now has been listed for over 4 months, they are only worth what
  9. Haha, when I said good daily driver, I still mean a turbo and not a Grandads car 😂. My mps 3 was a awesome daily driver but I just wanted to upgrade it, otherwise I would have kept it.
  10. Im looking at this one also (its the closest one to me) but its hard to negotiate a price with him. He doesnt want to move very much and my only obstacle https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-renault-megane-r-s-265-red-bull-rb8-manual/SSE-AD-7166903/?Cr=6 What do you think of this one, know much about this model?
  11. I did check the for sale section before I posted and saw Alpines post, but its not what im after. I don't like modded cars because it attracts to much attention. The most I would do to a Megane RS or Focus ST would be a ECU tune. Because if a cop pulled you over the car will just look stock and wont have any problems and thats what I want. Thats all I did to my MPS and never had a issue and loved it.
  12. Yeah I would like that, been ringing up a few just to get some quotes.
  13. Haha, called Ceva and they were like $1200, from VIC to Brisbane thats crazy. Would just love to be able to fly down and have a nice drive back, stupid covid hey. When I do comparisons they always say the ST is the better daily driver and the megane is the better track car. I want a daily driver and the only Holden Turbo was the VXR 2014. And even though I previously owned an Astra turbo sri 03 and never a Ford , the focus looks more appealing then the vxr.
  14. You dont have to read the topic if you dont like it. Just seems like your bored and want some attention. I dont need to research anymore because the people in here have helped, just got to find one. Can you help me find one 😝😂
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