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  1. Ausfez

    My first Renault

    Right thanks for the heads up fellas, it's my first EDC/DSG so I wasn't sure if it was something the tuning wizards could tweak... Looking forward to taking it out on the weekend to finally stretch the legs a bit further than 25kms 👌
  2. Ausfez

    My first Renault

    Cheers for the love guys, I have been enjoying the peppyness that Sport mode unlocks, but feel even in Sport mode the time between slapping the paddle and the actual gear change is a little delayed, would a remap in the future tweak/fix that?. I must add the heated leather seats have definitely come in handy on these cold Melbourne mornings lately.
  3. Gentlemen... Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I've recently taken ownership of my first Renault. After lurking the forums and reading your reviews of the mk4 Clio's I pulled the trigger on a 2014 Rs200 Cup Trophy (according to the sales docket) and so far I'm loving it as a daily driver. Being a daily, he won't be getting anything too crazy in terms of mods/power, but I have noticed a slight delay/sluggishness on the paddle shift, but nothing to write home about. Overall, two thumbs up and big ol' smile! ** On a side note, where would the best/trustworthy shop be to boo
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