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  1. @Stiggy I really hope my experience doesn't put you off buying what is a little ripper of a car. If you do buy your Clio 200 I'm sure you won't regret it. Mine blew it's engine after two months - and I still don't regret it. I think it was just a random and rare case of bad luck. I don't know what caused the fault but I do know that she's driving beautifully now and puts a smile on my face eveytime I get behind the wheel.
  2. Not that I knew of - but having had the ECU mapped to the replacement engine I'm wondering if it did. That said, there's no other mods on it so (for now) it's a stock Cup Trophy.
  3. Yes - sorry for not coming back with an update sooner. I took the car back to the dealer as it was under stat warranty. They found a hole in the engine and "lots of broken bits" but couldn't tell me how it happened. They did sort me out with a replacement engine though - with less than half the broken one's kms and a 6 month warranty. Car drives beautifully now and - touch wood - no further issues.
  4. Luckily covered under used car stat warranty. Dealer has been fair and said they'd replace it. Hopefully with a new engine and no drop in performance. I'm keen to understand what the failure was though and what caused it, and whether there's anything else going on that I should be aware of. Will know more next week.
  5. I should probably start a new thread on the engine issue... I don't want to scare off any other newbies! I'm waiting to understand what actually happened and why. I was driving onto a freeway, felt the engine drop followed by an immediate loss of power and a big oil spill. Was towed to a service centre and they are still trying to figure it out but engine has a hole in it and needs to be replaced. They've been pretty good so far and I'm hopeful it'll be sorted. I'll post more details as I get them as I'm sure I'll need to pick your brains.
  6. @slick just enjoying the accuracy rather than the speed at the moment... I'm not quite ready for a racetrack.
  7. I thought you might say that! Unfortunately, my first pic isn't a great one... an engine failure has put her back in the garage for a few days.
  8. Hi all, I'm so pleased to have found this forum: having spent the last few days down the rabbit hole that is OZRS, I am blown away by how much knowledge there is in here! Anyway thought it was time to come up for air and say "hi". I purchased my first Renault (a 2014 Clio IV 200 EDC Cup in LY) two months ago, and I've been loving it - especially through the corners.
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