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  1. Awesome, thanks everyone, I’ll spend a bit more time stock before I make a call on a sports cat + stage 2 vs stage 1 bluefin only. I’ll be getting some Michelin PS4Ss thrown on soon and will be ready for a track day - hopefully see some of you soon!
  2. Definitely not stock - not sure, need to have a proper look but they are 19s. They're not terrible so they can stay for now
  3. Hey all, I managed to pick up an RS250 Cup Trophy this Monday and am enjoying it so far (or will be once this rain goes away). I'm quite impressed with this community and am keen to get involved in some of the local events! Other than the factory options the car is mostly stock, and I'm now figuring out the best bang-for-buck mods for spirited driving and some track days without breaking the bank (e.g. $1-1.5k). Other than a new set of Pilot Sport 4Ses that I'll get fitted in the next couple weeks, it seems like a stage 1 tune (probably the Bluefin for $650 right now), resonator dele
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