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  1. Yeah, I like it! The 19s make a bit more harsh on the road (and tyres probably a lot more expensive!), but they go well together. Not sure if you had a choice with the Monaco GP when purchasing new, but they certainly suit.
  2. Thank you very much!. Now have to get the old WRX ready for sale. Crap photo, I know, but I stopped on the way to work 237. Do you want a pic of that too
  3. TBH, I haven't had a close look in there, but it looks like there's not much room. I have a bugeye WRX which is a PITA to bleed the cooling system. Are the RS easy to bleed? Looking at the expansion tank, the coolant looks quite diluted since the water pump was replaced. I'll have to put the litmus paper in there to check. Just found out today from the dealer that no parts are available from Sydney/Melbourne because Renault have shut shop for 2 weeks. Not sure what that's about, but it's bloody inconvenient!
  4. Hi All, New RS250 Monaco GP owner here. It required a timing belt immediately. 93,000 without ever having one replaced. Got that done yesterday along with the water pump and other part in the kit. TBH, I don't think the coolant was ever replaced previously. Unfortunately, the expansion tank has cracks in it at the top, so now there's more work to do. May as well get the thermostat done too. Cheers
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