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  1. Welcome from another recent 172 owner who is also grinning inanely most of the time.
  2. I have never thought of it this way but it actually kinda makes sense. Buy one that isn’t perfect and just drive and enjoy it whilst you look for one more perfect 🤯
  3. It would be good if people could just agree on them first 🤪
  4. When do non Renault people become Renault people ? Is there a test 😉
  5. Good to hear that there are good ones out there if you wait a while. Sad to hear that it might take months. I only sold my old mini in January so looks like I have a few more months of looking to go. That will drive the wife crazy !! Lol
  6. Hi everyone just wanted to say hello. My names Rob or Simo, I’m new to the forum and looking to buy a mk2 Clio sport (172 / 182). I have been classic mini owner for the last 6 years but have recently sold my mini and am looking for something a little more modern but just as fun. I am in Melbourne and there are not a lot for sale right now but I’m not in a rush. I will chuck up a wanted thread in the car sale sections. Just wanted to introduce myself before I comment on threads, so Hi.
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