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  1. Yeah, I don't care what people say about modern cars, I still wait for the engine oil light to click off, and to have rowed through the gears once or twice and after a several minutes at least before giving it some, oil is oil, needs to heat up. So all of those maintenance things, I guess like always, it just factors into the budget of the car, was it done recently? No, think of it as part of the cost of the car, and if it was, then it'll be an expense in the future. Annoying about the Gearbox rebuild that sounds frustrating, the rest seem manageable, ball joints could be done probably on
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! It does, I am sort of leaning toward starting with 197s and seeing how good they are, then considering 200s. The prices aren't worlds apart, except for some 200s that are special edition and very low kms (current 1 on carsales for $24k, with mods, low kms etc). I think I prefer the seat options, smaller silver wheels (seriously on both counts), and they don't look bad either, it's just the 200s look subjectively better to some people. Sobering but appreciated. Guess it's all down to the drive then. I'd want to suss out how often these things nee
  3. Hi I'm Rock, saw a Clio 200 today and it got me thinking about them, then I started looking and their priced reasonably well, so going to sus them out a bit here, I don't think I'll post much, just read and maybe ask questions to some existing threads. Seems there's a lot of variants for the 200, and taking a look, the 197 looks like it would be, similar in some ways, built around the same time, obviously similar power, is a bit lower down on asking prices. I have friends who talk about how good their french cars have been in terms of both bang for buck and reliability, so am interes
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