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  1. Daily my RS250. It's perfect. The suspension is fine and really works to your favour. I think every car should have the handling these cars do. I was down in Denmark recently and there's a couple of sharp corners that have 45km caution signs on them and I didn't have to slow down. Kept the 80km speed limit all the way through. The handling is sublime. I would find it hard to go back to an average car now. These cars can lap nearly as good as superbikes around the ring and when you go into the corners you can see why. Most people think it's all about HP however these cars are
  2. None....forget it. Think about yours and your wife's back. Not to mention strollers and all the bits. You are in the wrong forum. I'm serious. Feel like paying maintenance to your ex cause that is what your wife/girlfriend will be if you chose any of these options. Stop thinking about yourself and think of your other half first. Try putting a baby seat into a two door and reach in and put the seatbelt on. And repeat that process 20 times straight away and see what you think. Talking from experience. Had 3 kids already and own the 250. The seats are a way back. I
  3. Good now bugger off to the Skoda website..... you'll regret it cause you really should have bought the rs.....
  4. I want a sporty car.... but.... Why buy a hot hatch then...? Go buy a GT in any thing else if you want a plush ride and some sportiness....plenty available and probably better suited. Why compromise on life?
  5. Those would be the worst rims I've ever seen on a car....if they sized down the iconic front as well to fit the rego plate under it would be an upgrade too. Looks like a kid has just stapled on the plate wherever it could fit. And don't get started on cambelts
  6. Yep pictures and edition number or it never happened.....
  7. Agree....the Alfa Romeo 156 I think had 50,000km or two yrs for it's cambelt. We are doing pretty well and even the recommended 4 yrs is probably a bit conservative.
  8. Yeah just check the service book. There is a separate section for timing belt servicing. Make sure it's up to date. My belt and water pump etc was $1200 to renew. Water pump and other stuff needs to be done at the same time. Every 4 yrs recommended here in Oz by most...6yrs in the UK. Mine lasted 10 with previous owner as the Renault service dept went off kms instead of yrs. Wouldn't recommend going this far though.
  9. So this was my timing belt. Glad I changed it out. 10yrs old and original. Had been serviced regularly by Renault dealership. How's yours Chris? Had any replacement cambelts?
  10. Nice car Chris...just bought one too. Will be picking it up Friday. There's a Monaco thread in the Megane 3 section of you were interested.
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