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  1. Actually just looking at the ad....kms are pretty low...under ten years old....limited edition with a brand well known to racing....hmmm...I think your offer of 24 would be pretty much on the mark however his asking is probably not far off either. At that lower kays you would have a lot of life left to enjoy in that car Questions would be around the engine. Cambelt, major servicing if all good...tyres needing replacing could be a good bargaining point. Racing history? I think ttimbos idea is probably more practical than mine....go with his....
  2. I think he's full of sh!t....he would have done it by now otherwise. 4mths and saying he's going to get the same with a dealer.... delusional cantankerous f@rktard. You know....I've heard the Mongols used to beat their opponents by torturing them...yeah massive news flash I know and I'm not condoning actually going round n torturing him till he gives in, although never leave an option truly out.... but thing is, it was by making them wait a looong time as they came closer. The anticipation was too much. Fear n anxiety creeps in you see.... Go round a few times to see the car....ring
  3. Gif may be a representation of of said meg lover....
  4. Ugh...Already did that...under Alpines post. White 8:08....for sale....pics in the for sale section...looks well looked after and in good condition. Nice car actually Alpine. Aftermarket wheels, Dyno report...etc etc but your in Qld blah blah....true meg lover would cross the Simpson desert chuck some dirt wheels on and drive it back.... Plus you haven't been honest at all. Finally revealed you want a daily and the ST is your first preference....the megs a good daily and a tracker....get the best of both worlds...but alas we will see you in another soon to be made post where you will
  5. I see what you did there Matt....very subtle mate...I like it....fair bump....play on ..
  6. Oh man....seriously....are you here for a beating or what? Now that you have the rest of these cool crew sucked in you drop the fart in the elevator...oh the humanity.... look here is some research for you. Clear your mind and do as Matt did. Question your manhood. Watch the video below and meditate on it. https://youtu.be/2IQHjxX1wlw When you have finally made up your mind then come back to us....
  7. All good SF.....happy to do so....anytime... Just pm me and package is on the way...comes neatly packaged in a 1:25 replica of the mark4 exhaust for your convenience and enjoyment..... And for you others...Alfa and Citroen lovers I will cast away my eyes for now....but your discretions have been noted.....and it will be used against you at any stage.....
  8. Ahh the lost art of giving people shit...and them not taking it too serious. Nobody is angry my friend....IF I TYPE LIKE THIS perhaps but alas no. Why do people here seem so easy to let slip that this wolf in sheep's clothing has bought a Hyundai (and not even an I30N, which may have been forgivable) over one of our own. Won't somebody think of those here in our hallowed church....waiting patiently for their new meg4 to arrive all shiny and new. Look to them I say....those that have the patience too wait....not some lowly car slut...who can't wait for the holy wheels to finally arriv
  9. Why do you think it's uncivil....would you not give a guy some friendly flack if he mentioned to you that he wants to buy a meg then buys a Hyundai... regrets it... sells the car and comes back saying he wants to buy a meg....case dismissed. Or should we bend over a third time when he comes back saying he was butt hurt by my comments, bought a Suzuki sport just to spite me....but later regretted it....
  10. Pretty sure I gave a few helpful hints...somewhere in there....maybe just need to look a bit harder. And truck it....to many overly nice people in the world....do gooding and don't hurt a feeling...bunch of pansies....grumble grumble moan.... Plus he gives as good as he gets.... I don't have a bent out of shape rainbow cause he said he didn't read my post....and pretty sure he can live with my shit too....
  11. Bullshit you read it.... And this is just me....it's a good way to sort out who here is a keyboard warrior and who's the real deal. Yeah people are here to help....but don't waste their time with endless questions and no action. That has its limitations. Or does it have to be a one way street to newbies and all rainbows n fairyfloss?
  12. Took mine to Steve at WA Euro. Cam belt and all the other bits that go with, was $1200 from memory.
  13. You liked it huh....and that's why you sold it in two months....there's so many contradictions in that post it's laughable. Look good to see you come to your senses your heading in the right direction, but please don't look back and embarrass yourself anymore. As far as putting luxury and Megane together in the same sentence, I would say its a contentious issue... Luxury I find is in the handling this car has. Seats aren't bad and take most of the edge off the stiff suspension. You will still drive around manholes n stuff in the road. Bi-xenons...pfft...I have them but it's no
  14. Double post.... Gif may or may not be a representative of my face while hitting turbo mid corner
  15. You're a messed up individual. Bloody Hyundai over a megane for starters..... Let's get one thing straight here...you buy the megane for its performance and handling ability first. Go buy a gt if you want luxury. That's why Renault sport ripped out the Aircon n backseats for Nurburgring. Stop torturing us with your million questions. Just buy one and be happy with what you get. You will soon forget the luxuries the first corner you nail it through and think F@£k that was quick (but your thinking... hang on maybe I can do it faster...bwoohhaahaa). Then bore us with your qu
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