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  1. Such a huge opportunity Renault has missed. In comparison to the competition. Ah well... Might need to take this off the shopping list
  2. Why'd you get rid of it and what did you trade to?
  3. I think everyone makes clear valid and fair arguments. Simply put I need to go drive one. I did want to only spent as close to 50k as possible ngl. I'll just wait for the new year. Appreciate everyone's feedback and point of views.
  4. The golfs interior doesnt appeal to be being fully touch and every man having a golf. Im kinda over it. I didnt want all those gadgets... just a couple. If I had to chose, id take any improvement with LED's, darker roof lining with a sunroof, a sunglass holder and AEB (it has saved me a few times) Just think 60k is a bit rich... either way ive called half the dealers in melbourne to see if they have a trophy and none have one to drive... looks like ill have to just wait and revaluate
  5. Called a few more dealers all pretty much said there's no 'sport' in AUS next year, a 60k price point is a little too rough for me to digest. Not sure what to do now A little disappointed that they're going all or nothing
  6. Well.... This is true.... I think if they cut the sport next year it might put it off my cards even though it does look great. At close to 60k that's pushing my budget a little too thin fingers crossed they keep the sport
  7. Ive been doing alot of research.... i'm a little worried. I'm not seeing a good value proposition for a daily. Other then looking amazing, performance, and 4 wheel steering in comparison to other competitors in Australia I feel renault is lacking a bit, especially on the tech side for what they're asking. Comparing something like the 'sport' to at 52k DA Items like, Highspeed AEB (with pedestrian and cyclist detection), Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Speed Sign Recognition, Lane Assist, Reverse AEB, Matrix Style LED Headlights, HUD, Adaptive Rides (dampeners), Digital Keys, Wireless Charg
  8. I'll definitely wait for the my 21 upgrades
  9. I respect that. I wouldn't be expecting that much ngl I was hoping spending sub 50 incl of insurance costs.
  10. No.. about a year and a half now .. Yeah.. it was a demo tho but still
  11. Question is more how much wriggle room is there. We recently got a a250 with a sticker of 64 for 52k. Previous golf had a sticker of 52 picked up for 48... How much room is there on RSs in general? I'll need to do some investigating
  12. Its been quite a while since those reports. Below shows the 'facelifted' model. Its more the AC buttons, Digital Dash and centre you can see different. Looks to be out for a while in europe so only a matter of time before it comes here. I just didnt want to go up to trophy level, so im hoping theres something at the bottom end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAZDNeCUXHA&ab_channel=PavelSrp Some more info (my not be applicable here I know) but these translate to -Traffic Sign -Distance in front (so, acc?) -Active Brake -Fatigue -blind spot
  13. They're telling me no sport tho I wouldnt mind sport with the trophy engine ... Looks like we have to wait to find out proper info.
  14. So, just got back from 2 dealers and phoned another. Boy... was I disappointed.... So, just so everyone knows. Renault Werribee was sold, there is 0 stock, the dealer is shut, I asked next door at Hyundai... Went to Essendon, they had a Cup in stock as a showroom car, as not too much info, and apparently the trophy they had for test drives was out so I couldn't test drive it. Called another dealer (dont want to mention there name because I think they gave me really good inside info and was super helpful) who confirmed he had a MY21 coming in may ish, this had the features I was
  15. Congrats on the purchase. Oh no! Getting a sunroof changes it to beige? Sigh... I'm not in a rush for a car.. so I actually don't mind waiting so that's a positive and if the changes seem significant ( which in my eyes it seems substantial) then I'm more then happy to wait. I sold my golf privately during this crisis which is great! Because I got a decent chunk for in, much more then what I would have got for a trade in I wish you could pinch little features from each manufacturer hahah I'm just concerned that the Megane is missing the 1%ers that I'm used to that I'll miss...
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