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  1. Thanks ... how do you find the NT05 in the wet? I use my RS as a daily, and often ferry the kids around, so I need tyres that are manageable in the rain
  2. Thanks and thanks! I think I've priced RE71R in the past and they were almost as much as Cup 2?? I've run two road performance Bridgestone, but haven't been impressed by either RE050 or the new S007A particularly on track. Your other two recommendations are on the short list 🙏 It's time for some serious tyres!! 🤙
  3. Thanks for the welcome and the recommendation. The Yokohama's are on the short list! 🙏 Where/what is Lemons??
  4. Thanks .. and heck yeah it does. I love the exhaust! 👍 Agreed, when I put it in Sport or Race mode, it makes enough noise for me, especially on track ... although it seems to know when I'm going under a bridge or a tunnel and want a pop, it doesn't always deliver 😅
  5. Thanks, and cheers for the advice. I didn't know about the 245 trick so I'll have to check it out!
  6. Hi everyone, I met two of your members at SMSP earlier this month and thought it was about time I joined your forum. I believe that there's always something to learn, and what better place to do it than with people who've probably solved my problems already! 😉 I'm from Newcastle and own a Megane RS275 Cup Premium which is still straight out of the box (no mods...yet). I love it!! I need to get some new tyres so I'll be reading some threads shortly! I've done a few track days on stock Bridgestones but keen to get onto semi-slicks. And I'm keen to know what the mid-res delete achieves
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