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  1. I'll give you a message in the morning if all good mate, appreciate it.
  2. How come? I've already got the shifter and probably wouldn't go back on that. Res delete is obvious. Then I have 400£ ktec credit which is where I figured intake and downpipe come into it, obvs tune needed ontop aswell.
  3. You mind if I chuck you a message also for a few quick questions?
  4. Hmm this sounds yeah quite possible and I'm glad someone else has had the issue. As much as that does suck, it beats a whole new clutch. Thankyou for the input I will grab info from my mechanic as to what the exact kit was, chase it up and if non genuine will have to have a look into it.
  5. Care to link it? I'll have a read
  6. Yeah price was definitely somewhat a variable as genuine Renault was 3600 or something along those lines with parts alone. I've got the next few parts I wanted as mentioned in the post. Will have a chat to the mechanic tomorrow about getting the system bled again and see if that helps any.
  7. From memory it was an xtreme kit, I could be wrong though, it's not listed with the brand on my receipt. We had nightmares with it from whole clutch kits being sent wrong to waiting on single parts for a week just to realise it was all wrong. Has been a bit of a headache owning it so far and it makes me sad as it's so bloody enjoyable and coming from the import scene it's exactly like that great when it is but saddening when it's not, I thought I was getting away from this with the megane 😅
  8. It has to be vacuum bled yeah?
  9. This really makes me sad that I spent the money straight up as it probably wasn't the clutch in the first place. Thankyou both. My belief is that air in the system would make the grab point lower down the peddle? Mine is generally quite high but has been higher bite point than I'm generally used to since I've owned it, just progressively gets worse. Is the standard point relatively normal? As I believe you can't adjust these at the peddle? I also get a bit of a shutter on take-off if I hit the clutch in the wrong spot but again feel it's much more temperamental than it should be
  10. Hey guys, first time poster in need of some help pretty bad. I'll keep it as short as I can. I own a 250 megane rs 2010. I got the car around June 2020, falling for it pretty quickly after test driving. So after about 4 months of owning the car the clutch started to get I guess "inconsistent" occasionally firmer than other times, different bite point after spirited driving etc, I was aware they had self adjusting clutch so I assumed it was slowly dying as the car was around 122 xxx at this point and my mechanic agreed. So we booked it in got parts together and it went in Janu
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