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  1. Yes mate I did both paint and wheels. They did an amazing job!
  2. And here we go... a few pictures of the new girlfriend! (maybe not the kind you were expecting... )
  3. I hear you mate! I forgot to mention that I replaced the stock antenna with the shark fin... I think it suits the car better :)
  4. Following up our recent conversation.... I managed to test drive an orange RS Sport today and it was an amazing experience. I lost count of the amount of people staring at the car and I don't blame them! I found the suspension to be spot on but I am not sure I would enjoy anything firmer meaning Sport is the way to go for me. The difference between Comfort and Sport modes is huge feeling like a totally different car. The EDC gearbox is a beauty and those pops and crackles make it really fun and enjoyable to drive. The seats are comfy and the sunroof feels like it takes too much space ma
  5. Thanks for your reply! good to hear about the tires as well!
  6. Thanks abb6027 for you detailed reply, it is highly appreciated! It is great to hear your experience not only about how it rides but also your impressions on quality and reliability. It is incredible the amount of negative feedback I have received from people that have never owned one. I think it is a beautiful car that is built to perform! I wish I could test drive both and decide what I like, I had the impression that with the limited stock in town it would be difficult to do. I think it is a great suggestion, I will do my homework, check all the cars available in the area and go
  7. Hi! I realized early this week that one of the dealers in my area received a new Megane RS so I decided to stop by and check it out. I walked out of the dealer very impressed with the car and now I am seriously considering buying one within the next couple of weeks. It is a totally different animal in person! I did some research and I read a lot about how bad the ride quality is in the Cup when compared with the Sport version. I was wondering if you could please share your thoughts about both models, I am trying to decide which one to buy and see if the limited slip different
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