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  1. Please share pics when ready!
  2. That is a good looking car! congratulations! I hope you get some before and after videos to compare the sounds once you remove the resonator...
  3. Hi Mintee; The cars you listed are pretty different. For example, I simply don't see myself driving a Golf R or a Type R.... if pricing is the critical path then you are stuck with the I30N ( assuming you want to stay below 50k and willing to wait for its arrival) We all buy cars for different reasons but if you are looking for gadgets and features then all you need is the list of specs on paper to buy. Some others buy sport cars because they feel connected to it. You go for a spin and see how big is the smile you have in your face once you are done.... There is no perfect c
  4. I just received this offer from Carsales. Thought you might be interested....
  5. Hi Mintee; I recently purchased a 2020 Meg Sport and had pretty much the same questions you had before pulling the trigger. I only have slightly over 1000 Km on mine and it has been a great experience. I have to say that the Sport EDC version is extremely comfortable and a very nice daily drive. For me the Sport was just fine and I don't think I am missing much for not having the LSD. The infotainment takes some time to get used to it but for me it works just fine specially with Android Auto. Changing the AC speed takes a few taps but it is not a deal breaker. As another member
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