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  1. Sounds like the interior could be a quick seller, but I don't how difficult it is to retrofit to earlier models. I put up a post yesterday searching for a single 19" Megane rim so I can get rid of the Spacesaver spare on my RS250 (I think they're interchangeable between the different series), you might be able to offload remaining wheels that way (looks like only the pax side survived?) Cheers and welcome BTW.
  2. Mate that sucks. The white one? I saw photos of that over the weekend, glad to hear you walked away largely unscathed (keep an eye on any lingering neck pain though). Parting out will take a while as it's still so new. I don't really have much advice, sorry.
  3. Welcome aboard from another Brisbane-RS-Trophee-er. Agree with the above - the basic mods as planned are incredible bang for the buck. Diminishing returns after that given the costs for intercoolers/downpipes/BOV (and proper dyno tune to suit). And there's only so much power the tyres can take - traction can already be an issue with the mods planned. Removing the catalytic converter on a road car is pointless and heavy fines (rightly) apply - think 5 figure sums. But if you're desperate to wring those last few kW out and are getting some exhaust work done anyway you could have a h
  4. Mine arrived today, many thanks @Moosey! Now just a few hours agonizing about where on the car to put it.
  5. @OzJustin and @walkie86 yep, this one (and the white one with a laundry list of modifications which is probably still unsold) were the two Trophees that had been up on CarSales for a while. Seller didn't realise I'd sent him a message through the Carsales interface and took nearly 2 weeks to respond, by which stage I'd gone a bit cold on it, but figured I should take it for a spin. Very glad I did, A/C compressor noise and all (Even if I really wanted the silver, the red has grown on me, and spec>colour in these AFAIC.)
  6. BTW, on the topic of A/C, does anyone know if the 'Nissens' branded compressors are any good? The (cheap) unit currently on the car was only installed in 2017 but is fairly knackered already. Have a quote at ~$1100 for a known 'good' replacement so far, but could get the Nissens unit for around $600 off eBay. (I don't want to save $500 now only to have to pay to get it all replaced again in a couple of years if that makes sense.)
  7. Thanks, and yes, good point, pics... Just the one pretty ordinary pic from the Willowbank carpark at the moment. I am really hoping to find a couple of consecutive days spare so I can give it a full detail, paint correction and ceramic coat - I nearly didn't look at this car because the capsicum red colour looked quite dull in the seller's photos. It really pops in person though, and should look a million bucks once I'm done (and more pics to follow) - The paint is very good overall but the 10 years of swirls are really obvious in the sunlight. And yep, the run back up through Mt
  8. Hi folks, thought I'd better drop an intro post in here. Been on the hunt for something intthe Megane III family for a while, and finally grabbed a 2010 RS250 Cup Trophee last week. Love the thing so far, and still getting used to a car that actually stops and goes round corners properly (coming from heavy old V8 powered RWD stuff that goes fast in a straight line and... that's it). Looks like I'll be doing some parts hunting shortly (dogbone mount, a/c compressor) but I got it for a decent price and the driveline seems sound (touch wood). Anyway, this is a great resource and
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