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  1. I don't know if Ralliart's ever improved but I coerced my wife into buying a new one in 2008 and it made it into the top 3 worst vehicles we have ever owned. Everything about the interior was cheap and nasty, it went ok in a straight line but the noise from both motor and exhaust was so horrid it made you not want to drive it hard. Handling was disgusting, it would wallow on change of direction like you would expect of a non-performance model and get tyre squeal at the drop of a hat. I fitted higher grade tyres after just 1,000km's which increased grip but actually made the lack
  2. If you are are going to transport it don't use Prixcar that would be my only advice - a crap company that doesn't accept responsibility.
  3. JCO

    First Renault

    I was after a 197 but when nothing was showing up I almost contacted him a few times about that car, I think I looked at it every day for about a month! I hope it's as good as it looked.
  4. Well I can tell you that my experience with Prixcar has been crap. Not only did my car turn up missing the fuel flap they stuffed me around and had me send them copies of all the details they already had (delivery dockets, VIN number, photos etc.) and then said they have rejected my claim based on their terms and conditions. Initial phone call they told me they were liable but have now decided they are not responsible. Even if your car his hit by flying debris while in transport they take no responsibility. They also charged me for a door to door service yet then said they
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