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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. Nice cat Pav, congrats on the purchase. Looking forward to seeing your mods as you go.
  2. DaveW

    New to the forum

    Thanks for the tips mate., especially on the tyre size. So if I go to 215's, I'll need to go to 40's right?
  3. DaveW

    New to the forum

    Hi all. New to the forum and thought I'd drop a line to say hello. I've had my Liquid Yellow Clio RS200 since new (Sep 2014). Oddly I don't have a pic of my car on this PC. I'll post one later but she's factory standard at this time. Since the warranty expired in 2019 I have been looking to do some mods on the car. It is my daily driver, although I'm not putting many KMs on in 2020. She's currently sitting at just over 50,000. Would LOVE to get a tune on it and I need new tyres atm, which I'll need some advice on for fitment, as the Michelin Super Sports did not fit the rims ve
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