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  1. RSI97

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Oh yeah!! I literally just read through that thread the other day. Some nice work there man. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the LSD and any more detail about the "refresh" process on the gearbox would be informative. I've got a slight vibration/noise under deceleration on mine which I believe is coming from the diff, going to start by seeing what some fresh oil in the gearbox does to it, it's only slight but noticeable all the same.
  2. RSI97

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Hey @Apu! Not much news, although I did take her out for the first time on a track over the weekend. Addiction confirmed! haha I have a long list of things I'm chipping away at but basically I'm looking to keep it pretty standard, it's a very fine machine as it was from the factory, although I might look into mapping out the flat spot in the low end of the RPM. I don't have truck loads of cash to spend unfortunately so my long list is basically just servicing costs and restoring things like the steering wheel and drivers seat bolsters for example, also not happy with the paint job on t
  3. RSI97

    Clio 197 [BNE]

    Hey there, thought it was time to at least say g'day. Picked up my 197 late last year and absolutely love it to bits. Already got a lot of good info from searching this and other forums, tonnes of great knowledge out there so thank you. Looking forward to getting out to some meetings, cruises and track days. Never been on a track in my life and seriously looking forward to testing the limits of the Mk3, although more likely the limitations to be found will be my own rather than the car haha. Anyway it's been a long time between performance cars for me and I'm new to Renault in general
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