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  1. My first small changes are an RS gear knob and matching RS logo mats. Knob is in (I didn’t even hit myself in the head taking out the original knob) and the mats are on order. I want a short shift kit and probably just a tune soon once I get the half dozen or so warranty jobs out of the way. I think (could be placebo) that the Solid gear knob has already made the shifting feel more positive. Loving the car but having driven one with a tune I’m craving the extra torque.
  2. That would be great mate, I've revised my ideas around mods but a tune and short shift are 100% on my agenda. I don't really know anything about the different short shift options. As long as it gives a more direct shift I'll be happy.
  3. After extensive reading on the forum, I'll probably not change the intake but am interested in the short shift kit/mod.
  4. Hey again, I picked up my 2015 Megane RS 265 Cup last weekend. Basics: Pearl White 2016 Complied, Leather heated seats. 67000kms. Plans: currently enjoying driving it whilst I look into the following to get it how I want it (or at least how I think I want it😞 Dump pipe Cold air intake Custom Tune Reverse camera Android auto/apple carplay integration. Playing with an obd2 HUD. Then trying to figure out some customisations in the interior to enable me to put a travel mug/water bottle in a handy location! Cheers, Paul.
  5. Thanks for the heads up but t I picked up a car last weekend.
  6. Thanks Docmattic, at this stage not really. I'm just looking at each car that I come across and weighing up each one until I find the right one for me. I just missed out on a very nice Silver 250 Cup Trophee a couple of weeks ago. It's great to find a community that is so passionate about their cars.
  7. Hi all, Paul here from Canberra. In the market for a gen 3 Megane RS preferably face lift model for a 2nd car missed out on a few I was interested in lately. Enjoying learning about them in the meantime. Hoping to buy locally but realistically only ACT and NSW are current options due to border closures.
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