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  1. kaspal

    Hey hey!

    This looks like a good setup as an alternative to a full exhaust replacement. How loud is it and is it droney at all?
  2. kaspal

    JDM to RS265

    Hey everyone, after months of searching I've finally bought myself a RS265. It was only up on carsales for a day before I went to see it, it was seriously immaculate so I bought it then and there. Has only 36k and had been serviced including the timing belt done by Renotech. My last 'fun' cars were a S15 Silvia and twin turbo Supra - wish I kept them as they'd be worth a bunch right now, but the Meg's been a blast to drive so far. Not sure what my plans are...it has an upgraded Focal amp + speaker system so that's taken care of, open to suggestions for other mods! Here's a few pics of my
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