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  1. Took the car to Renotech to have the res delete, but it had already been done. Turns out this is as loud as it gets 😆 20210325_190346.mp4
  2. Great choice! (not biased since I also have a 250 Monaco). I've now got 18 inch rims on mine and the ride is much better than the 19 inch.
  3. Put on the new rims today in the heat!
  4. Wow, good you got them changed out. Mine have been changed around 10,000 k’s ago but I’m planning on taking it to RenoTech to check everything’s sorted soon. Fingers crossed.
  5. Yep you're right! It's a small world.
  6. Cheers, and that's awesome you're picking one up soon. I've already had a little stickybeak on the Monaco thread.
  7. Thanks. That’s a good idea - will upload a comparison vid when I get around to doing it
  8. Will provide an update! It’s hard for black rims to look bad on a white car
  9. Hey guys, After lurking here for a few months, I recently bought a 2011 RS250 Monaco GP (no. 205). Really enjoying it so far and it feels like a suitable upgrade in power and handling from my old Honda Integra Type S. The only mod on it at the moment are some Bilstein coilovers which definitely improve cornering and aesthetics. The previous owner also sold me some Rota Titan-Fs wrapped with Yokohama AD08Rs which I've been told are awesome on track. I'd like to get the resonator removed soon to hear a bit more action from the exhaust. I'm liking the OZRS community so far and hope
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