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  1. any idea how much the timing belt cost? my skyline only cost me around $400 my peugeot is around $800, i use to consider the 1.8t a3 but my machanic told me need around 2~3k. it really back me off.
  2. yeah. but 86 maybe my last option, cause it dont have much power. now i more into focus. i think parts will be cheaper than rs and had simular power. thanks for ur reply.
  3. about the belt how much cost around. another few option for me atm is 86, focus st and infiniti q50. still thinking.
  4. understanded. thanks for ur advise.
  5. sorry. i am not sure what u mean? are you asking me is the 265 for daily drive or racing? i will use for daily drive. or u try to tell me different brand, different parts cant compare?
  6. hi guys, i am look for a 2nd hand car atm. a bit interested into rs265, the main thing i need to consider is maintenance and parts cost. is it expensive to fix? (compare to the same year vw golf is the average price for the same parts be over ) i own a peugeot 407 and a skyline. for me i think the 407 is a bit expensive and the skyline is not bad for me. please give me some advise. thanks
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