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  1. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    Thanks for the comments, I will try to make a post with old car and another with the Clio kind of slow tidy up project! Cheers
  2. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    Come on... a Clean car with out Tyre Shine is not a clean car! Nice colour but to many doors!
  3. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    No much done to the 135i just a good clean and wheels, now the resources are going to the Clio. http:// http:// http:// http:// Cheers
  4. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    Yes, they supply the Clio williams, Clio2 Ph1 and Ph2 172 and some V6. after that it became to expensive for Renault to import cars to Argentina. so all Renault are Brazil/ Argentina made or Re badge Dacias. this was my old Clio in Argentina, was just a 1.6 engine but a fun car.
  5. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    I wouldn't believe That the missing Aus clios, and if it is would be really difficult to know. My guess is that some of that had been write off due to not change the cam belt or maybe sitting in a garage in pieces. Unfortunately I'm not a kiwi, I just move to NZ 6 years ago, I'm from Argentina, So I'm not so good with the Kiwi Slang and to old to learn it.
  6. DLX

    New with My Clio RS Ph1

    Thanks for the welcome, I wish I can say is up to my standards, but just need work to be done to make it look as close to new. The good thing is complete standard and nothing missing. The car is NZ new, but I hadn't fine any plaque or nothing so I don't think that the ph1 in NZ had been a special edition with number. Maybe I'm wrong, But happy that I found one with less than 200000km Sorry I only have one picture of the engine. Probably later on the week I will start a Project threat of the car + a couple pics of my past cars in NZ and Argentina. Cheers!
  7. Hi, My name is Ariel I'm from NZ ( Auckland) Just recently bought a Clio RS Ph1 as a do up Project Photos as how stands today. Hope we guys enjoy my journey with this little car. Cheers
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