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  1. An alien green clio III you say!? mad. Anyone on here grab it?
  2. Had a test drive of a 172 this afternoon with a forum member. Absolutely lovely time, love it when community and automotive passion cross over. The best kind of people!
  3. Yeah im getting that vibe... Very similar to other passionate automotive groups. Guess ill keep my ear to the ground for whispers and keep my eyes peeled. Thanks for the replies everyone!
  4. Its only been a few months now that ive decided i need some sort of RS in my fleet (172, 182 or 225), things im looking for: reasonably well maintained, within budget, not a completely thrashed engine/exterior. So leads me to the 'how long did it take you to find your perfect car?' Im always searching marketplace, gumtree, carsales etc looking for my 'perfect' rs. Sadly, even after 5ish months, im either too late or doesnt tick the boxes ya know, brings the hunt down a little. Anywho, just wondering how long i should keep going for, or will test driving one help keep the flame
  5. Hey, Sydney dude, have had minis and mokes for years, looking at adding some french flair to the fleet. Keen for a phase 2 172 Clio or 225 megane... Looking forward to advice and opinions! Cheers
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