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  1. wow really appreciate the great advice there from everyone! And @Phillyphil - that's a really awesome, detailed list to work through! I've got the car coming up for a service soon so I'm going to take on board your list and look to get the car more track prepped. I think the fluids and tires are a definite focus for this service and I'm going to look into the engine mounts you suggested as well. I'll be keen to quiz you on the KTECH gearbox mods another time. I think the weight loss plan is a good one too to think about too. I could definitely look to whip out the rear seats if I get more seri
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I think that is good advice about focusing on improving the driver rather than the car, and also, if I did really want to up the power to the wheels then better go with a Megane. I am already booked in for the next "come and try day" at Barbagallo raceway, which includes some tuition, so I'm working on the driver side of things. But - there's always a but - I can't help but think the little pocket rocket would be insanely good fun with another 30 bhp!! I had it out on a "tuning day" yesterday which includes sessions purely for street cars. It was my second track da
  3. Hi I'm a new member here. Good to find a home to talk about Renault Sport stuff. I've been running my RS Clio 197 F1 for many years and had lots of fun with it. Recently I finally managed to cut loose in it out on a track. That's what I bought it for many years ago - so it's taken a while - but I got there in the end! Now all this Coranavirus stuff is settling down a bit here in WA, I'm hoping to become a bit of a regular at the Barbagallo track days and run the little RS as a bit of a track day car. So I am struggling to resist the temptation to try to do some performance mods to up the fun f
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