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  1. Caledwvech

    Hey hey!

    Thanks heaps for all the replies guys. Will look into the muffler / resonator. Dont want it crazy loud or anything. I think my wife would kill me as "officially" it's her car. Just a little noise to have a bit of fun with. Loving the quirks. Means she's got personality. As for the cup holders, those options look really good. Just curious to know how they work with the big bolsters on the Megane RS. At only $13, definitely worth it to give it a try.
  2. Caledwvech

    Hey hey!

    Hey Guys, Bought our Megane RS265 Red Bull edition earlier this year in Sydney and brought it down to it's new home in Tasmania. Loving the car. I do have a couple of questions though. Given the less than ideal cup holder situation in the car, does anyone have any good ideas for what to do? I have looked into those things you slide next to the seat and centre console, but given the bucket seats (different shape) and not a whole lot of space there I am not convinced that they will work. A minor thing, but I was under the impression that the exhaust was suppos
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