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  1. Thank you Eight and Sim, legends, I had no idea Eibach had an aus site, I searched from springs for days and that link never came up. my skill levels are super low and so are my tools that are available. Will stick with the professionals. I managed to find someone to do the res delete so might get the springs at the same time and get him to do both. very excited, thank you again!
  2. Hi all, so after owning the Rs200 for 2 years and sharing it with the wife, I'm finally getting her a car and going to start some light mods. However I'm really struggling on finding reliable sources and/or links. Heres the current mods I'm after: 1. Springs to lower the car, I can only find them from the UK and shipping is insane. 2. I Have some bad swirl mark scratches on the paint, is there anything I can use to paint over without going to a professional? (mines the black one) 3. replacement arm rest (before I lose my shit at the crap quality of the current one a
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