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  1. Thanks for the tip on Mechanics - I've chatted to Carl at Virage (it's closest to me) will send it to determine if the timing belt has been done and for him to have a look, sounds like an absolute gun! I've been doing some research on great roads around the area so I'll have to check it out - have you seen/used the App "Roads by Porsche" it's a mapping app exclusively used to get you to great driving roads, worth checking out! Also the pops and bangs are the best part of ownership so far, even the girls in the office love it!
  2. Awesome, less work! I'll definitely just try it out on track this way first if I feel I need to upgrade I will at a later date. I did read the thread on Android auto, yes Iphone is my weapon of choice too stuck in my ways to change now but I did see a company making it work https://www.naviplus.com.au/online-store/Renault-Megane-2013-2017-Apple-CarPlay-%26-Android-Auto-Integration-for-R-Link-p178588058 anyone given this a go? $900 seems steep though.
  3. G'day Team, Bought a 275 cup premium, have never owned a Renault before or anything French so definitely some 'niggles' to get used to. My plan with the car is to use it just for weekend blasts, I have a boring daily for the commute to the office. Am planning on doing some light track days with it also (I'm in Melbourne so COVID permitting). Anything I should do to the car right now? I have just over the weekend updated the FANTASTIC...(ha) R-Link software via USB, but any other advice on small upgrades would be great! When I go for track days, plan will be just pads,
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