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  1. Wish the aftermarket bixenons were a practical option!
  2. MikeSK

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    I’d be keen to find out more about track days. Just bought a 265 cup premium with stage 2 tune and something done to the exhaust (loves to pop and burble in Race mode!). Previous owner didn’t explain the exhaust mods well (he bought like that).
  3. Mountain runs mate. Pretty sure can go into nsw no probs.
  4. How did you go with the new headlights?
  5. I also hired a Megane RS 265 from Hertz on the Gold Coast (I live on the GC) which helped confirm my need for one. It still took a couple more years to get around to it but it was worth the wait! Only had my 2014 265 Premium Cup for about 2 weeks but loving it as a daily so far and looking forward to the boarders opening up soon so I can get into those b roads in northern NSW as well. Anyone in this forum go for cruises in GC or Brisvegas?
  6. Oh and where did you go for timing belt and major service?
  7. What was the damage for the led upgrade?
  8. Yeah I have had a search through the forum and found some info. But was looking more at schedule and costs (to neg with) so wasn’t noting where to get done at time.
  9. Yeah I checked out pretty much every 265 and couple 250s in SEQ. Came down to An RB8 and this. This won the day due to lower kms and the speakers have been upgraded ;). Will miss out on the bi-xenons tho :/. will have to see what I can find on here Re upgrading the candles! Lol
  10. Cheers mate! Not sure about the wheels. I will have to ask him!
  11. Hey all, I am pretty damn excited! Just put deposit down on a Diamond Black 2014 Megane RS Cup Premium with only 25,000kms! Checked it out and test drove it yesterday and it was mint so a deal was done! I live on the GC but it is out at Toowoomba. Just gotta wait for banks to open so deal can be finalised and I will go get it! it is overdue for timing belt change due to not being done and supposed to be done every 4yrs ( Or 100,000kms) but hasn’t. Any recommendations for where to get it done in the GC? Or Bris? This is the realisation of a 3 year old dream... I have w
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