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  1. Sweet thanks for the suggestion re station wagon. I'll definitely send you a message when I touch down. The pics from your trips look unreal!
  2. 12 months exploring NZ?! That's an awesome trip. Did you take one of the Renault's? I'm moving over soon and looking to spend 2 months exploring (mainly the mountain roads) before settling down for work. Keen to hear how your experience was.
  3. If you don't want it I'll take it 😂 Yeah the price was spot on for a quick sale!
  4. I've seen some decent Recaro seat covers on eBay UK for ~100ish delivered. We need pics of the 275 😎
  5. woosh


    Welcome aboard! The 18 month wait (!!) was long worth it, hey? A&D's are just a riot to drive on full song 🥳
  6. +1, looking forward to open borders. Are you talking city lap cruises on a Friday night? 😅 or mountain runs?
  7. Thanks Moosey! I'll get a poll up soon then
  8. Totally agree! In saying that I wouldn't mind dailying a Mk7.5 GTI or R if I had family duties with teenagers 😬 Thanks for that, would be interested to hear your thoughts after a few thousand km's. I also had a stage 1 VAG (mk6 r) which felt quite agile in the mountains, largely due to a few $k spent on suspension upgrades by the previous owner.
  9. Two for one! Renault definitely won there. How do you rate the 300 compared to your sons 275? I wonder how many of us bought a Megane RS after driving one of the hertz cars.. would be an interesting analysis. Same goes for the current Golf GTI fleet
  10. The 1M actually got the back end a little airborne on one deceptive bump in the road haha. And thanks mate! Your white 275 Trophy = 👌 Race ya for pinks? My 265 vs your TME 😂 thanks also mate!
  11. Thanks mate! Likewise 👀
  12. How does it compare to the 6sp Golf R?! Curious as I am thinking about eventually owning one later down the track!
  13. .. well, they did the groundwork in 2016-17 to get me into an RS as a daily this year! Some pics from a few of those memorable adventures in '16/17 are below (pics stolen off e90post). The Renault reminds me a lot of my old 130i's! Already started tinkering with the new RS265 and loving it! H&R's arrive soon from Tunershop. Really appreciate being a part of an active online community for these cars.. will have to grab a sticker! - woosh
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