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  1. No, I don't, I just visit frequently and liked the urban vibe so grabbed a photo. They have some great specials at the moment. $25 for a burger and a 6-pack of beer (your choice) they will even deliver it to your door at no charge.
  2. Agree - want to take mine to renotech for a once over. They drive so many they will know when something isn't right. Sounds like your thermostat is busted. Exactly the same as mine was, just off to the left, it's supposed to be smack bang in the middle after warm. If you give is some revs you will notice the rev limiter will be at 5,500 instead of 6,500 as the car has a protection mode on. It will also be running slightly rich. Surprised the renotech guys didn't pick up on it? You bought it from a dealer so get them to fix it under the 3-month warranty. Best of luck!
  3. I've had the same thing happen to me many times. It's not cheap to repair those small dents either. I would give mine a 7/10 but the closer I look the more minor things I notice. Better to just drive Do your brakes screech too or is it just me? I bought new pads and gave them to the mechanic to install, he told me the current ones were near new. Don't know if it was a meg thing or just mine. A few things I've discovered that might help you: - Check the temperature gauge to see if it sits directly in the middle when driving. It seems common for them to fail to close properly. - I've found decent settings for the stereo, it actually now sounds half decent, with minimal bass. I'll upload the settings. - The local exhaust shop at Brookvale will try to charge over $300 for the centre res delete. The best I could find elsewhere was $150. I used Hunter Street Automotive in Hornsby. They were great, used 100% stainless parts and got it done in 30min. - The spare tyre in the boot does not fit on the front of the car. I learnt the hard way. Need to swap the rear tyre to the front and then put the space saver on the rear. - I got the full timing belt, drive belt, waterpump and the pulleys replaced for $1000 at ramspeed automotive in seven hills. Most of the quotes came back around $1500 and a few at $2500. They were really good, they even went through ever part they took off and let me inspect etc. they have worked on a fair few. Would recommend. The work needs to be done every 4 years I think. Renotech are obviously the experts but as a budget friendly alternative I was happy.
  4. Thank you! I just took a look at your recent purchase, wow, it's so clean! It must have very low k's, appears to have rolled out the of the showroom floor yesterday, and the seats! Amazing. I usually take Mccarrs Creek Road up through to Cottage Point (just need to be safe around the many cyclists and leaners) I don't have a national park sticker and don't fancy paying to go for a quick drive.
  5. I picked it up from a private seller in Eastwood. They only listed it on Facebook Marketplace and just happened to stumble across it. Was originally in the market for the e92 BMW 335i but it seemed a bit too grown up for what I wanted. Rest assured, I'm a waiver!, I've already waived to two or three other RS owner (with no love back yet :p)
  6. I picked up my RS265 (2013 Trophy + with under 100k's) 2 weeks ago. Love it so far. Got new belts, pumps, pulleys etc. done and went to get the centre silencer delete (amazing!) These things are used car bargains, no better car for the price IMO. It's not in the absolute best external condition, a few minor scratches and gutter rash, but means less stress at public car parks. The interior is immaculate. I'm also getting a very slight judder when coming off the clutch in first after the car has been driven for more than 30 mins. Don't know if normal but will look into it. I'm based on the Northern Beaches, noticed many, many other owners also on here. Was wondering if there are any meet up's or drive days?
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