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  1. Excellent thank you - that's a great idea with regards to the fog lights I'll have to take a look and see what I can do. Ill put up some media soon once I can give her a fresh clay bar and wax. Also I would look to come to some meets when they are up and running again - ill keep an eye out. cheers Chris
  2. Hello again - so it is indeed artic blue. That and mondial look so alike especially online. I have more plans but need to gather some more inspiration first. So the Renault diamond centre caps are indeed just glued on. This was done by the previous owner and to be honest I like the look hence why I kept it the way it is.
  3. Hello all, Having recently moved to the country I had to purchase a car, Ive owned Clio's previously in England with the mk1 1.2, mk1 1.8 and then a Titanium 182. I thoroughly enjoyed the 182 and really wanted another. I figured that I wont be doing many miles for work and so the car will be for mainly weekend fun drives and the odd commute. So the search began, I was surprised at the lack of European cars and especially the sheer lack of 182's there were. However this made finding one even more special as I could tell that the gentleman who I bought mine from was a fellow enthusiast and had taken good care of it. It had only done 8000 km in the past four years and currently sits on 158,000. I am not entirely sure if it is Mondial or Artic Blue and can't figure out how to tell. Ill put a couple of pictures up here but more in the media section. I'm currently Melbourne in the east. I used to belong to an owners club in the UK and always found it a great place for info and for fellow enthusiasts to meet so am glad that I found this forum. Happy to answer any questions and I hope you enjoy the car. Here it is as i bought it: Here is how it looks now: I have only changed a few things - Silvervision indicator bulbs, team heko wind deflectors, removed the RS badge from the front grill, new Renault Sport badge at the back to replace the clio and a black Renault badge at the front. I also have the front splitter on order from Skoda for the mk1 Fabia - this is considerably cheaper than the original renualt one which was quoted as $534.80 delivered from France whereas Skoda was $38.50. Since these pictures I have cleaned up the front lights, darkened the trim all round and also polished the exhaust. I want to put some yellow tint on the fog lights and see if I can source the Speedline Alloys from the 172 cup/Trophy but they seem to be like hens teeth unless you have them shipped over. Heres some close ups of the blue to see if you can figure it out: finally heres the old cars:
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