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  1. Thanks all. Test drove an orange sport as well but couldn’t go past the pearl white, black Interlagos and red brembo caliper combo. The cup felt “tighter” on the roads but I did like the sport suspension setup..a little more compliant around town. Either version is great!
  2. Definitely intend on signing up for a track day. It feels like she always wants to race so want to push her close to her limits. Added some pretty standard options including Mats, tint, shark fin antenna (Not in photos) and the obligatory silicon key card holder. TBH the range of accessories available wasn’t amazing and the car is well equipped In stock form 😀 Sorry should have mentioned in the first post she’s an EDC.
  3. Just saying hi and here’s a pic of my 280 cup. Have had it for 2 weeks so far and I love it more each time I drive it.
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