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  1. thanks - was a bit nervous. All good.
  2. Hi All, thanks for replies/thoughts. My research is timing belt required after 100k and plugs coolant etc @ 60k as noted above. Signed up for the RenaultSportSA FB page - thanks Will check the Android auto link. I like the sound of it. As for the brightness of the info panel the wheel mentioned only changes the brightness at night when lights come on.
  3. Just doing this as a way of introduction. I have just purchased a silver 2016 Megane RS 275 cup. I an in Adelaide (Gawler area) and bought the car from Brighton Toyota in Melbourne. Drove it from Melb to Adel and went to Regency Park to get it "checked" and now registered etc. I have ordered plates for it as REN 275. If you see me around give me a wave. This is my first European car after a run of Aust and Japanese cars. All of my family have European cars with VW/Citroen/Peugeot/BMW/Fiat etc in the family history. I know which side the indicators are on as a good start. Couple of questions/comments/observations and any replies appreciated. The car was previously owned by Renault Aust and by the GPS addresses it was located in both NSW and Vic over its life. It is a very clean car and so far I have no complaints. The Owner/Vehicle ID in the handbook has it listed as Megane RS 275 Cup 2.0L T/P 6Spd Man (Hertz). I was told that many of these were used by Hertz in their Adrenaline range. Given mine was owned by Renault Aust, I guess it was not a hire car - any thoughts? The car has now done 59000 km and is due for a service. Does anyone have any experience of service centers in SA? I would like to have one that is not a dealer service, where the technician/mechanic is personable and upfront. What should I expect for a 60k service costs etc? What parts are required? When should the timing belt be done? On UK site I saw recommend 70000mi? There is a vibration when on smooth tarmac at around 90kph. I am guessing this is wheel balance? Slow down and it goes away. Any thoughts? I updated the RS Link for time fix etc - are map updates worth the cost? I am thinking not, except for the improved speed camera locations. Can the information panel next to the speedo be increased in brightness during the day? I like having the digital speed readout there. The tyres are in reasonable cond. Has Michelin Pilot on rear and some weird brand I have never heard of on the front. What do others replace with? My general driving is normal commute and some fun on the weekend. The auto off at standstill sometimes does not cut in and there is a message to say something about it in the info panel, then further down the road it cuts in. Is this normal? So far I love the car and its ride is good. Have not been in RS mode as yet. The car is quiet, I don't want a loud car, but any exhaust mods that can give a bit more deep tone to the exhaust? Thanks and I look forward to any replies and further posts. JA.
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