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  1. Ricksta

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    Thanks dudes Woke up this morning thinking maybe Lucy and Gareth had got it on overnight in the garage and I'd find a baby RS275 sitting between them-but no. still plenty of time they're just getting to know each other!
  2. Ricksta

    New Clio 3 Owner

    Morning all First post. I've just bought Safetymans beautiful 197-keeping the name Lucy. Amazing car, obviously been cherished and he was a lovely guy to deal with-very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about RS's. Car is as tight as a drum and looks great on the Megane grey wheels. Loved it so much driving home I thought 'mmm-maybe I should daily it' but really want to keep the klms down and in it's current condition. Unfortunately they beg to be driven-conundrum. Then I remembered-what about the 200 Trophy for sale with 55klms, some cosmetic issues and needing belts etc? Spoke to the guy-another really nice bloke. Clearly not an enthusiast like you dudes but owned from new with receipts for servicing etc. Went to look at it yesterday and it drove fantastically well. He'd really gone overboard on the cosmetic issues and the fundamental car's gem. Bought it-$6k-cheap enough to get the belts done and deal with a couple of cosmetic issues-won't worry about some of them. So-now got Lucy and Gareth (naming him after previous owner) tucked up in the garage ready to enjoy-one daily, the little lady on Sundays! We're up in the Hunter-some great driving roads up here. Be great to meet some of you for a drive day up here!
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