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  1. One or two VERY minor things I've noticed – read threads are yellow, just like unread ones. I'm sure they used to be grey. Def a good UX change to make. there's no fill behind the logo any more. Gets a bit lost sometimes. Looks a bit awkward to solve without eg a gradient over the whole .focus-header block or curated images Also have to say the yellow is a bit intense, I think it was a few shades warmer before! All round an awesome job getting the theme back up. Thanks.
  2. The dark theme clearly has some custom elements that don’t work with Invision 4.5. So yep, the software update and GUI in this case are, sadly, incompatible. Other forums I use also had a little trouble moving to 4.5, but it’s not really optional to stick with an old version in the long term.
  3. You guys do realise this is a temporary change because the dark theme is broken with the new update of the forum software? Software is updated for many reasons.. things like the security of both users accounts and the invaluable knowledge found in this forum! Give the guys running the joint a break. I'm sure they know and are on it.
  4. Yep, seems this site is well looked after – but I am a web dev so happy to try and squeeze in some help if I ever can be of service. And hey, I don't have an RS either.. yet!
  5. there's an update of the core theme, it's 30 bucks. Will just need some config. Course there may be other underlying issues with the odd double posting etc, but suspect it's a side effect of old theme on the updated forum software. Happy to help if I can @Moosey https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/dimension_dark/
  6. There are lots of changes in version 4.5 of the forum software, the site theme is probably going to take a lot of adjustment to work correctly. Not sure if it helps but there is another theme you can select, but suspect it's even older.. Perhaps an interim solution is to install and/or adapt one of the off-the-shelf themes for 4.5?
  7. Love it, well done and yes do bring it back.
  8. I’ve used CEVA a couple of times without drama, however @63x1092 has a different opinion!
  9. As a Saab guy I’ve watched the 900 turbo with interest. Never the drivers car the Clio II is known as, but an iconic car all the same. Prices have just started to go up in the last 3 years - recently a car in top condition fetched ~27k.. and it was an auto! Of course they’re now 30+ years old. It took a very long time for their value to appreciate, but try finding one today. A lot of cars went to scrap when prices were low. The 172 in particular is likely to follow that kind of fate soon, so hold on to the good ones and try to save them when possible, else they’ll vanish.
  10. I bought that back issue of Modern Classic with the Clio comparison. It didn’t include Clio IV’s, so that’s not a help BUT it did seem that his picks were the 172 Cup and the Sport 200. Of the lot, the 197 fared least well. If a Clio II is for example a bit too old for you perhaps the 200 is worth a look. I doubt you can go too wrong no matter what you choose.
  11. Well the 9-5 is sold now (pending actual payment and pick up). I didn't get quite as much as I'd have liked but I wasn't bent over either. In the process I seem to have acquired this funny old Saab. It's a 1986 9000 Turbo, 5 speed manual, and it's a real hoot to drive. The relatively wide track FWD nature and the hilarious delivery of heaps of boost all of a sudden at 3250rpm = lots of smiles. It has quite a loud exhaust (possible resonator delete), very solid and sturdy sounding doors, two roller blinds in the hatch glass, and no rego - though it was registered un
  12. @Bremund is probably a guy I know from the Saab community then – Brendan I assume that's you? Agree it's a tragedy that it was so mismanaged, Saab had precisely the right brand positioning and recognition for the transition to electric cars. Saab's were bought by the kind of people who advocate intelligent, responsible engineering anyway, the fact GM had no idea other than stripping the tech knowledge and frittering it away is very hard to understand. Granted, Saab hadn't been a huge seller at any point, but GM did them no favours by undermining the cars in the media and public conscio
  13. Hey @cloudy, forgot that Cars & Coffee is this weekend, 23rd Feb.. It's my daughter's 3rd birthday that day, so don't think I can make it! Sorry about that. Next time, assuming I still have the car.. the guy from QLD is planning to come for a look this week so who knows. Keeping my eyes on the 172/182 market.. not very many come up for sale, do they?
  14. I think I'd try listing at just under $10k, which includes all the spares + parts I've got too (lots). It has 144,000 on it so reasonably non-scary.. and of course only 5k km on the rebuilt motor. I have a decent sized shed I could park it in, but that might all depend on how much crap from the house my Mrs wants to put in there... we're thinking of renting our place out and spending a year.. somewhere. France, probably, but the Brexit shite has made a mess of that being easy so it's all quite the unknown.. Ah! Ok yeah. I've spent my share of time in there buying oils and deg
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