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  1. looks like when you leave the page or refresh the reply is lost. It MIGHT be held in moderation status and visible to mods? Very slim chance from what i can see. So yeah, appears they are only stored in your local browser session. Good to know, bit of a fail of a feature though.
  2. Personally I could do with prices dropping like post-Jan 29th $GME!
  3. More than I wanted to pay for one red door. no idea what mods it has but also more than you just paid.
  4. Mine is/was rough around the edges but these cars exude personality so I think you’re likely to love whatever you buy. There was a ph1 listed on FB today that looks interesting, seller a nice guy. Said he also has a friend considering selling a 182. When you start talking to people and keep your eyes open, unlisted cars start to come out of the woodwork.. In my short experience the RS community is pretty awesome all round.
  5. They genuinely are, stock up while you can! 182 Cups are going to be impossible to find.
  6. I spent +9 months looking but part of that was convincing the other half! I spent about 3 weeks sorting it out, 4 weeks driving it, then crashed it and it's been off the road since. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.. 😭
  7. One or two VERY minor things I've noticed – read threads are yellow, just like unread ones. I'm sure they used to be grey. Def a good UX change to make. there's no fill behind the logo any more. Gets a bit lost sometimes. Looks a bit awkward to solve without eg a gradient over the whole .focus-header block or curated images Also have to say the yellow is a bit intense, I think it was a few shades warmer before! All round an awesome job getting the theme back up. Thanks.
  8. The dark theme clearly has some custom elements that don’t work with Invision 4.5. So yep, the software update and GUI in this case are, sadly, incompatible. Other forums I use also had a little trouble moving to 4.5, but it’s not really optional to stick with an old version in the long term.
  9. You guys do realise this is a temporary change because the dark theme is broken with the new update of the forum software? Software is updated for many reasons.. things like the security of both users accounts and the invaluable knowledge found in this forum! Give the guys running the joint a break. I'm sure they know and are on it.
  10. Yep, seems this site is well looked after – but I am a web dev so happy to try and squeeze in some help if I ever can be of service. And hey, I don't have an RS either.. yet!
  11. there's an update of the core theme, it's 30 bucks. Will just need some config. Course there may be other underlying issues with the odd double posting etc, but suspect it's a side effect of old theme on the updated forum software. Happy to help if I can @Moosey https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/dimension_dark/
  12. There are lots of changes in version 4.5 of the forum software, the site theme is probably going to take a lot of adjustment to work correctly. Not sure if it helps but there is another theme you can select, but suspect it's even older.. Perhaps an interim solution is to install and/or adapt one of the off-the-shelf themes for 4.5?
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