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  1. Hi all, After driving over 1,000k up from Syd to Bris last week I feel I got to know the car well (and I met a nice police officer outside Stanthorpe....). Some observations from the drive: Torque steer! Really prevalent on bumpy roads when overtaking. Felt like I was fighting the car. Ferocious grip. The front Michelin Pilot Sport 4S will be due for replacement soon but even then the grip was crazy. You'd have to be very committed to unstick the car in the dry. I'm doing a track day in a few weeks so will put this to the test! Not as playful as the Clio 172 I remember
  2. My mistake, I thought the price was for the front pair, not a single damper. That's a bit out of my price range now!
  3. Hi ak275, Interesting re the Ohlins. I've only been able to find them listed on eBay for approx $4k ex GST (springs extra). Not sure how I feel about spending this kind of cash on a Polish seller though, despite loads of positive feedback...
  4. Hi all, Just purchased a Megane RS 275 Trophy, picking up this Wednesday. Driving from Sydney to Brisbane which should be a lot of fun. Back to Renault after a long hiatus. My dad used to have a Clio 172, then a Megane 225 and they left a big impression on me. Curious to know if anyone has upgraded their Trophy to the Ohlins DFV dampers? I would have loved a Trophy R but sadly needed a rear seat. The Ohlins upgrade is very tempting though. Matt.
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