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  1. Replace Giulietta with an anniversary GT? Last of the Bussos.... Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  2. Pre face-lift. I genuinely don't like the face-lift, the styling was cohesive in the original. Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  3. Ouch. That 166 I'm trying to sell was in the 2014 hail storm up in Brizvegas. It usually lived under cover but it just had to be the day that I drove it into work for once. There wasn't heavy damage (no smashed glass, just tail lights) but it still got almost every panel. I had it repaired by a PDR mob I knew were good, not the mob the bulk assessing etc was being done by (insured with Shannons - who despite their default being to process claims just like any of Suncorp's other brands do cope when you just organise repairs and tell them where the car is and they can expect a quote). That
  4. Asking 1/2 your higher estimate... Saw someones Giulietta (yours?) in a smokey Canberra post in that thread you so kindly referred me to
  5. It is OZRS - and I thought in Oz RS only meant one thing... I also thought RS owners would tend to be racers. Winning matters. The RS won, having started near the back of the field due to some issues (the Renault 12) that can be solved by simply replacing everything except the badge (another thing the racers will be familiar with). You get the Cup/Trophy! Anyway, if you have to explain the joke - my bad to anyone offended. To those that got it - thanks for the welcome. And yes, I've owned an Alfa - about 10 or 12 in total I think. Still own 5. Happy to reduce to 4 if anyon
  6. Hi fellow owners of Rat Shit frog cars. Many years ago I had the pleasure of having the use of "mums car" - a Renault 12. This introduced me to the joys of French engineering and front wheel drive car handling. It was most fun when I had the handbrake on - because then on a wet road, or downhill in any conditions the direction that the body of the car was facing in didn't really matter - point front wheels where you want to go and (hopefully) the rest of the car will follow. So when I saved up enough pennies I bought myself an Alfa Romeo with 50:50 weight distribution and RWD... It was a Super
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