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  1. Alright so it’s time for amateur hour - question: how do you reset the trip meter on these baddies? I’ve been toggling through the stalk but can only get it to flash. Tried the whole, left blinker, right blinker, two toots of the horn, expletive but still nothing?
  2. Hope everyone is staying hydrated today! This morning, I picked up the card to my Renault MEGANE 265 Cup (AFAIK incorrectly advertised by the dealer as a Sport Limited). It’s been a long time in the making and a car I’ve always wanted, I sold my 6sp MY17 Golf R last Saturday and put a deposit down on this beauty on the Monday. Best part is that this gem was owned by a previous forum member and has been meticulously looked after and maintained. Thank you (you know who you are). For now, I’ll be focussing on learning the car and hopefully meeting some of you in the process. A deli
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