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    2014 Renault Clio R.S.200 Cup Trophy
    2018 VW Passat wagon
  1. Ideo

    New member. RS 200

    It has hail damage so it was priced well under market value. Market value even with hail damage is 14k. I was in the right place at the right time and got a bargain. That should make you feel a little better!
  2. Ideo

    New member. RS 200

    Should probably disclose minor hail damage at this point. But nothing major.
  3. Ideo

    New member. RS 200

    Hi all. Thought I'd join up for all the useful info. We were searching for something like a secondhand Skoda hatch for my wife and I as a runaround. We got messed around by a dishonest seller and had a wasted 5hr round trip. I started looking at other sensible options like the VW Polo and Mazda 2/3. So logically we bought a Renault Clio RS200 Cup Trophy 🤣 Picked it up last month in Sydney. Red. 2014 model. 34,000kms. Have a 2018 vw passat wagon as a daily, so this is now my fun weekend car. I've had a Citroen DS3, Audi s3 and Golf R in my car history but this is just next level fun. Oh. Wanna know the best bit? I paid $9,500 for it.
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