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  1. I dont want to waste dealers time getting the car out of the yard since I'm not interested in the car as it hasn't got bose sound.
  2. Thanks for the info mate. I've driven the RS280 and it was great. No Cup here to test drive.
  3. Has anyone got any contacts at the Renault here in Adelaide. I spoke to a guy called Andrew and anything I asked for was a NO. No negotiations possible. I’m trying to buy a car here in Adelaide but it’s proving impossible
  4. The one here in Adelaide hasn't got the Bose. I've been looking and slowly working out which one to get. My budget plays a big role as well.
  5. Hey mate, I'm very new to Renault so I have no idea about it all. I was just going by what the salesman told me. Reason I am looking into the Cup or Cup Pack is because of the Torsen LSD as the car will see some track days (for fun, no competition)
  6. I spoke to the dealer and they said that its a RS280 with a Cup Pack (black wheels, better suspension & Torsen LSD)
  7. So, is this car a cup or RS280? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-renault-megane-r-s-280-manual/OAG-AD-18356993/?Cr=1
  8. Sorry this might be a silly question but I'm not sure about the differences between a RS280 with a Cup Pack and RS Cup? From what I've been told (by a salesman) is that the RS280 with a Cup Pack has the Cup Chassis
  9. Priorities have changed and I'm on a lookout for a 2018 RS 280 with Cup Pack & Bose. Prefer demo or used due to $$$
  10. I'm in the same boat. Trying to find a 2018 Megane RS 280 with the cup pack & bose but no luck (not within my budget).
  11. Hey guys, is there anyone in Adelaide with a RS275 Trophy R that could take me for a spin before I purchase a car interstate. I just dont want to make the same mistake I did before. If anyone in Adelaide has one for sale that would be even better. I've been into VW Golf R's & Gti's for last few years and its time for a change. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Avdo
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